Cristiano Ronaldo attacks former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney in a sensational interview.

Despite critical comments from Wayne Rooney regarding Cristiano Ronaldo's new stint with Manchester United, the Portuguese international has fired back.


Last season, with Manchester United supporters celebrating Ronaldo's return from Juventus, he joined the club. Since then, things have fallen apart for the Portuguese forward.


The star of Real Madrid lashed out at Manchester United in a sensational interview with a British channel. Some club members even urged him to leave because he felt deceived by the group.


The interview is scheduled to run this week, but early portions that were posted hours after United's final match before the FIFA World Cup break have stirred up a commotion..


The Portugal star was left out of the United squad for the second straight game, and his remarks will further fuel rumours that he may have played his final match for the Old Trafford club.


Ronaldo mocked his former Manchester United colleague Wayne Rooney while expressing his displeasure with the club's leadership, especially manager Erik Ten Hag.


Ronaldo's approach during the current Manchester United season has drawn criticism from Rooney. Notably, Ronaldo was kicked off the team for his adamant refusal.


Ronaldo had been criticised by Rooney for his "unacceptable" behaviour and warned that he may become a "distraction" for the team if he did not buckle down and get to work.


Ronaldo was reported by The Sun as stating, "I don't know why he criticises me so aggressively. Probably because he stopped is career.


The Sun also stated that, I'm still playing at high level. "I won't claim that I appear more attractive than he does. which is accurate."


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